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SheCapsThat Is Looking For Cappers!

SheCapsThat is looking to expand our gallery! We are looking for experienced cappers who have access to DVD's or HD Logoless Downloads to join the team. We would like to offer the choice to weekly cap any of the current shows already in the gallery or to start capping shows that would come to the gallery at a later time, which include:

  • Arrow

  • Chicago Fire

  • Elementary

  • Nashville

  • Revolution

  • Smash

Please keep in mind that we do sort our screen captures and that it is time consuming, so only serious inquiries, more information will be given to those interested.

If you are interested, please contact us in our ask box with the show/shows you would like to contribute.

cm - garcia

Cap This Next Poll! Pick Your Shows!

Vote for multiple shows at SheCapsThat Gallery or in our Tumblr sidebar, the two shows with the most votes will be moved to the top of our queue list. There is currently no set date on when the poll will end. The following shows were chosen at random using a Random Number Generator

CapThis Next!

  • Once Upon A Time, Season 1

  • Blue Bloods, Season 1

  • Castle, Season 4, Season 2

  • Alphas, Season 1

  • The Vampire Diaries, Season 2

  • Mad Men, Season 2